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Participate with us for STEP (Czar Skills Transfer and Enhancement Programme)


As you also know, the medical field has grown leaps and bounds in the last two decades and India has managed to keep pace with the rest of the world. Over the last few years, India is fast becoming the destination of choice when it comes to getting medical treatment, for the patients across the globe.

Over the last several years in treating patients from across the Middle-East and Africa, we have come to realize that the medical expertise in Middle-East and African subcontinent is growing but at a very slow pace. To get the benefit of these advances in the medical technology, people in these countries are forced to go abroad for their treatments. Since only a select few can afford to do that, a large chunk of population is actually dependent on the local system only.

Also, the existing Indian hospitals, which have a limited presence in these regions, have been targeting this class only, who can fly to India for treatment.

Taking into consideration the current scenario, we have come up with an altogether different model, wherein we are proposing a two way alliance.  In this model, we are going to partner with the local hospitals, with the help of the regional government. Our team of experts will be flying to your country on a regular basis, we shall be giving our inputs for the up gradation of the facilities, thereafter, and our team of surgeons will be performing the surgeries and procedures in your country itself.

This will help in two ways:


  • People in your country can have access to latest techniques and equipments in their own country
  • The local doctors practicing in your hospital will also have chance to upgrade their skills by working with our team.

So, in effect, it will essentially be a STEP (Skills Transfer and Enhancement Programme) forward, which should go a long way in improving and upgrading the medical facilities at your hospital, thereby benefitting the local population.


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